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Here are some of my pictures. Older as newer. A little generally untidy and "willy-nilly higgledy-piggledy" :) (without being put into context, description of technique, etc.)

This will hopefully (as soon as possible!) be arranged :)

Sincerely Thomas Carlund


”whatnot” :)


Animated works of art, more conceptual things, architectural works, as well as some texts and images about various techniques I have worked with - and developed.

Much with the help of digital technology - such as digital prints combined with painting in color-pigmented emulsion
on various types of paper, alu-sheets, acrylic glass and other materials…

This website is primarily designed to work on a computer. Not mobile devices.

Sorry about that. The graphics just work so differently on these (besides the images being pointlessly small) so feel free to go to a PC! And preferably with a large, well-calibrated and good screen :)

But of course: It IS optimized for mobile use. Purely theoretical and technical. Why does everything become so small - when the world and beauty - is so big...?

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