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My name is Thomas Carlund.

And I work as an artist. In Borås, Sweden.


My main medium as an artist is in graphics (printmaking) On different levels. And in different techniques. I have not always been friends with just "flat" images" - but like the idea of making art with the feeling of "original work" (both in expression, material and feeling) and: "at a reasonable price...."


I would like to see art as more inclusive and less "elitist" than it has been - up until now... (within the "art world"...) Without compromising on quality.

I have often played with both words and ideas in my pictures. "Message". Sometimes more cryptic and complex can happen - sometimes more like mere "metaphors" - but almost always as an integral part of the image work. And of course it has happened that they only functioned as "signs"...


The important thing for me is to reach the feeling. The expression. And thus I am often oriented towards the more abstract. And maybe "evanescent". Although for me it can seem so concrete - like only that! :) It happens that I play with photographic images (periodically) but I often start off with ink - or "poetically sublime textures"... :)

I like to experiment. Not only with expression - but with the help of all kinds of technical tools, innovative treatment of various materials and media and combining the known - with the unknown. So we'll see -

where it leads now :)




Thomas Carlund

"...konst är ju inget man kan. För kan du det - så är det ju ingen konst? Med nåt!..."  :)

This website is primarily designed to work on a computer. Not mobile devices.

Sorry about that. The graphics just work so differently on these (besides the images being pointlessly small) so feel free to go to a PC! And preferably with a large, well-calibrated and good screen :)

But of course: It IS optimized for mobile use. Purely theoretical and technical. Why does everything become so small - when the world and beauty - is so big...?

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